Our aim is to provide services for students, parents and staff on-site. We want students to maximise their potential at school and in their lives generally. However, when students encounter mental health problems often their social relationships suffer along with their capacity to make the most of the opportunities around them to develop. This is often when a referral to specialist mental health services such as CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services) is made. CAMHS is a very valuable resource but is often over stretched. Unfortunately this means that children and young people can wait many months to be seen and even longer to access individual long term therapy. Sadly, some children never get the right support and only in adulthood are they able get the help they need.

Embedding psychological services into schools gives access to specialist services quickly before mental health difficulties escalate into serious conditions and when left untreated can become entrenched. Another advantage of accessing services in school is that it also cuts down the amount of time attending external appointments.